What Is the Benefit of Installing Triple Pane Windows in Your Home?

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When considering the insulation of a home, many homeowners overlook the benefit of installing triple paned windows. From energy savings to comfort and even noise reduction, triple pane windows can be a great investment for the home.

A significant amount of heat energy transfers right through and out of the windows of a home. Triple pane windows work to slow down or stop that transfer of heat energy as much as possible.

Triple pane windows reduce the heat transferring out of your home by utilizing the low conductivity of inert gases such as argon or krypton. Because argon and krypton more significantly slow down the transfer of heat than oxygen does, manufacturers fill the two chambers between the three panes in the window with these gases instead.

Furthermore, the third panel creates an extra layer of noise reduction, keeping out the sounds of busy streets and other noise you may be faced with. Triple pane windows are truly efficient noise dampeners.

When it comes to energy efficiency and savings, triple pane windows are a great investment for your home that will provide a lifetime of comfort.
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Benefit Your Home with Triple Pane Windows

Installing triple pane windows, also known as triple glazed windows, is a sensible solution for homeowners for a number of reasons. From comfort to noise reduction and, of course, energy savings, homeowners will undoubtedly reap the benefits of installing triple pain windows. With the temperamental climate, it is often said that Canadian homes should utilize at least double pane windows. Here a few reasons why going with the extra third pane may be worth the investment.

Energy Efficiency and Savings

A significant portion of heat energy is wasted right through the windows of a home.  Homeowners can curb this heat loss with the installation of triple pane windows.   Triple pane windows are constructed with 3 panes of glass spaced with 2 chambers between them.  Since Argon and Krypton gases conduct temperatures less than oxygen, thus transferring less heat energy, manufactures fill up the chambers with these gases instead.  A double pane window only has 1 chamber filled with argon or krypton gas. With the added pane and gas chamber in a triple pane window, less heat is transferred out of your home. With less heat being transferred out of triple pane windows, homeowners will see long-term savings, since the heater will not need to work as hard anymore.


If you were to sit next to a triple pane window on a cold winter night, you’d be amazed to feel no drastic change in temperature as is commonly experienced with single pane, or sometimes, double pane windows.  Homeowners can enjoy sitting next to and gazing out of the window during the colder winter months thanks to the great insulating properties of triple pane windows.
The third pane in triple pane windows not only boosts energy efficiency and provides climate control but also provides the added bonus of noise reduction. Triple pane windows are excellent noise dampeners. With more layers between the cacophonous outside world and the serenity found inside of a home, outside noise is significantly reduced. Three panes simply work better than two when it comes to keeping out the noise.

Less Condensation

Condensation occurs on home windows when the temperature of the glass in the window is below the dew point for the relative humidity in your home.  Single and double pane windows are commonly known to fog up with condensation in the wintertime due to their low insulating properties. The interior window plane in a triple pane window system rarely gets too cold to the touch let alone cold enough to go below the dew point of most Canadian homes. Condensation is a thing of the past if you choose to upgrade to triple pane windows.
Overall, a triple pane window can be more advantageous than a double pane window due to it’s higher energy efficiency and the added benefits that go along with it, such as comfort, noise reduction and less condensation.

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